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Agile Software - The Best Tool for

Why use Agile

Because Agile is designed to quickly create applications, easily integrate with existing ones in the company, and to manage the entire digital ecosystem through a single graphical interface accessible anywhere and at any time.


Maximize the speed of software production and release thanks to a simple and powerful development environment.
Create your applications without constraints.


Develop scalable solutions thanks to the low-code platform, while maintaining the widespread organizational culture of the company.
Constantly innovate in an agile manner.


Adopt a unique and intelligent system by generating and processing information from a single, shared database.
Avoid unnecessary conversion costs.

How Agile works

Agile allows the modeling of even complex processes with a few simple steps using graphical development tools and the use of reusable and customizable modules to meet your specific needs.
Create the modules you need or install the ready-made ones.

Every module created in Agile is easily integrable with the existing information systems in the company and with all other modules created in Agile.






All information and functions at your fingertips

The Agile dashboard is configurable and customizable to fit the needs of its users.
Let the tool adapt to you, not the other way around.

Expand your experience with
Modules and Solutions from Agile

There’s nothing you can’t do with Agile: every function is managed and integrated into the platform through add-on modules that you can install and customize according to your needs. You can create modules and module packages as you like or use those already prepared for you.
Behind Agile, there is a community of developers creating and distributing modules and solutions on the marketplace.

If you have a need, Agile has the solution.

An Overview of Agile

Agile is a platform capable of supporting rapid development, setup, and subsequent release of applications, using model-driven techniques, along with simplified implementation of the applications themselves.

Agile allows you to develop, customize, share, and integrate any application and IT tool,
according to your needs.

Low Code

There’s no need to create an application line by line anymore: you can simply design it like a flowchart. The low-code development mode allows you to quickly transform ideas into solutions by modeling business processes with automatic generation of programming code, thus promoting companies’ digitalization processes in complete freedom.

Digital Ecosystem

Thanks to Agile Software, company information systems, from simple archives to complex automation systems, can finally communicate through a single graphical interface. This enables the enhancement of efficiency, security, and speed in any development activity, with a particular focus on governing digital transformation without disrupting the corporate culture.

Integrations Across Skills

Agile enables cross-functional and responsive collaboration between IT professionals and process managers, offering both significant advantages: on one hand, it is beneficial to programmers as it drastically reduces development time; on the other hand, it allows managers to directly participate in application development without needing to know specific programming languages.

Process Automation

Thanks to a set of highly configurable tools and functions that allow visualization of process execution, identification of inefficiencies, error detection, and simulation of changes, Agile enables modeling of activities and procedures of all kinds. This ranges from document management to interactions between machines or between humans and machines, demonstrating itself as the best tool for continuous optimization of business processes.


Agile can also handle processes that traditionally required lengthy and costly development and maintenance efforts.
Agile follows a code behind approach, allowing the use of code created in other development environments and easily managing it from purely graphical visualization to code-only based on specific needs and expertise levels.

Want to Learn More?

Do you want to see Agile in action and ask all the questions you need to convince yourself that Agile is truly the ideal solution for you?