Human Resources Management Solution

Promote your business growth by human capital upgrading.

The management of human resources, from a simple administrative activity, has in recent years become a strategic function for the development of the company’s business.
An updated human resource management system which is also shared by all corporate functions, allows the company to obtain unique information and begin taking consistent actions for career and business opportunities in a market increasingly characterized by high level of innovation.

The solutions for Human Resource Management developed by Agile platform, enable automated data acquisition and homogenization from different sources in a unique database accessible in the cloud due to the easy integrability with information systems in the company.

Discover how Agile solutions can help you to improve human capital management for Human Resources.

Integration into a unique database

The ability to management all information related to personnel administration tasks (management of permits, holidays, endowments and processing of reports) for stragetic activities (recruitment, training, setting objectives and benefits), allows to define HR policies in a more effective manner considering the emerging of new business models which require more and more dynamism and resource agility.

The benefits of cloud to guarantee data protection and privacy compliance law

An information system that is accessible to qualified personnel, allows to make requests remotely with mobile devices by checking at the same time the relevant approval process and having relevant on-line information with real-time updates without need of paper document, while guaranteeing maximum confidentiality of data.

The importance of an Agile organizational model to face the challenges of disruptive innovation

In the era of digital transformation, competition of companies with emerging markets are increasingly being put to the test owing to rapid evolution of technological solutions that obligate operators to innovate products and services with extreme speed.
The achievement of this objective is possible only as long as you have an Agile organization and being able to reduce the time-to-market cycle of a product on the market as much as possible.

Agile solutions for Human Resources are based on methodological approaches which enable the company to deal with a digitalization of all its processes that are managed manually or in a non-homogeneous manner, gradually, with the minimal impact and organizational cost getting an immediate return on investment.

The modules contained in the solution



Common denominator for all modules of the solution, contains Master Data, User Profiling, System Setup, Work-list.



It allows the registration of Visitor Entrances/Exits, providing attendance lists in the company.
It integrates through interface with badge recording terminals.


Activity Reports

It contains a summary of activities and absences, requests for holidays/permits/etc. It integrates through an interface with the management system for the import of orders/orders on which to finalize the activities.


D.P.I. management

To manage supplied Personal Protective Equipment and Devices (PPE).


Training Courses

To manage employee training courses.
Planning, Course summary, Results evaluation


Medical Visits Module

To manage all health protocols, visit planning, outcome filings, health checks, health data or employee health constraints.


Employees' Dossier

It constitutes the computer repository of all employees’ data and information. It may contain Personal data, contractual data, tasks, skills, equipment provided, personal protective equipment (PPE) provided, role evaluations, etc.



To manage recruitment. Curriculum and potential evaluations. An artificial intelligence technology component replaces manual data acquisition and proposes selection schemes based on the requirements sought.