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Human Resources Management Solution

Promote the growth of your business by enhancing human capital.

The management of human resources, from a simple administrative activity, has become a strategic function for the development of business in recent years.
An information system for personnel data management, updated and shared by all company functions, allows the company to access unique information and undertake consistent actions for career and business opportunities in an increasingly dynamic and innovative market.

The Human Resource Management solutions developed with the Agile platform, thanks to the easy integration with the existing information systems in the company, allow the acquisition and automatic homogenization of data from different sources into a single cloud-accessible database.

Discover how Agile solutions for Human Resources can help you improve human capital management.

Integration into a Single Database

The ability to manage all personnel-related information from a single database, both for administrative activities such as managing permits, vacations, equipment, and report processing, and for strategic activities such as recruitment, training, goal setting, and benefits, allows for more effective personnel management policies. These are essential for new business models that increasingly demand agility and dynamism from resources to meet market demands.

The Advantages of Cloud with Maximum Data Confidentiality and Privacy Assurance

An information system accessible by authorized personnel allows for remote requests via mobile devices, simultaneously verifying the approval process and accessing updated relevant information in real-time, without the need for paper support and with maximum data confidentiality assurance.

The Importance of an Agile Organizational Model to Face the Challenges of Disruptive Innovation

In the era of digital transformation, companies competing in new markets are increasingly challenged by the rapid evolution of technological solutions, which require them to innovate products and services quickly.
Achieving this goal is only possible with an extremely Agile organization capable of minimizing the product’s time to market.

Agile solutions for Human Resources are designed with a methodological approach that draws on the Agile project methodology. This enables companies to gradually digitalize all their processes, whether managed manually or non-homogeneously, with minimal organizational impact and cost. Each step aims to be operational and provide an immediate return on investment.

I moduli contenuti nella soluzione



Common denominator for all solution modules, it contains Personal Data, User Profiling, System Setup, and Worklist.



Allows the registration of visitor entries/exits, providing lists of company presences.
It integrates through an interface with terminals for badge registration.



Contains the recording of activities and absences, requests for vacations/permits/etc. It integrates through an interface with management systems for the import of Orders/Jobs on which to record activities.


D.P.I. Management

For managing Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) assigned.


Corsi Formazione

Per gestire Corsi Formazione ai dipendenti.
Pianificazione, Consuntivazione corsi, Valutazioni risultati


Medical Visits

For managing all health protocols, scheduling visits, archiving results, health checks, and data related to employee health or health constraints.


Dossier Workers

Serves as the digital repository for all employee data and information. It can contain personal data, contractual data, roles, skills, assigned equipment, assigned personal protective equipment (PPE), role evaluations, etc.



For managing recruitment. It can contain resumes and potential evaluations. An AI technology component replaces the manual acquisition of data and suggests selection schemes based on the required criteria.