Agile is the best tool for

Why use Agile

Because Agile was designed in order to create applications quickly and can be integrated easily with those which already exist in the company. Besides allowing management across the entire digital ecosystem through a single graphical interface accessible anywhere and anytime.


Maximize software production and release speeds thanks to its simple and powerful development environment.
Build your applications without any limits.


Creates scalable solutions due to its low-code platform and maintaining a global corporate organizational culture.
Regularly innovates in an agile manner.


Embraces an intelligent and unique systems where the information is generated and processed through a single shared database.
Avoid conversion costs.

How Agile works

Agile allows modeling of complex processes with a few simple steps using graphical development tools and using reusable and customizable components in order to meet your specific needs.
Create your own modules as you require or use the ready-to-use ones.

All modules that created in Agile are integrable with already-existing company information systems and all other modules which are created in Agile.


Set up



the organization

All the information and functions at the tip of your fingers

The Agile dashboard is configurable and customizable according to users:
drag-and-drop the items that you may need, bookmark your most-used functions and organize your desk as the way that suits you.
Let the tool adapt to you, not the other way around.

Broaden your experience with Agile Modules and Solutions
Agile’s Modules and Solutions

There is nothing you cannot do with Agile: every function is managed and integrated into the platform by the additional modules which you can install and customize based on your needs. On the other hand, you can also built your personalized modules and module packages or use those which are already ready for you.
Beyond Agile there is a community of developers who create and distribute modules and solutions on the marketplace.

If you have the need, Agile has the solution.

An overview of Agile

Agile is a platform that able to support rapid development, set-up and subsequent release of applications through techniques based on model-driven approaches along with the simplified implementation of the applications themselves.

Agile enables you to develop, personalize, share and integrate any type of application and IT tool
depending on your needs.

Low Code

Creating an application step by step is no longer needed; just draw it like a flow chart. The low code development mode enables you to turn ideas into application solutions, rapidly. This allows you to model business processes with automatic code generation, thus simplifying the company’s digitalization process.

Digital ecosystem

Thank to Agile, company information systems from simple archives to more complex automation systems can finally communicate with each other through a single graphical interface. This not only improves the efficiency and safety, but also increases the speed of development activities and mostly governs digital transformation without completely changing the corporate culture.

Integration of skills

Agile allows inter-functional collaboration and operational responsiveness between IT professionals and process managers which offers the following advantages to both sides: on the one hand, drastically reduces the required development time which is useful to programmers, and, on the other, allows direct participation for managers in development application processes, even if they do not know specific programming languages.

Process automation

Thanks to configuration tools and functions, it is possible to visualize the process execution, as well as the identification of inefficiencies, errors and simulate changes. Agile provides to model all types of activities and procedures, from document management to those that observe different levels of machine-to-machine or human-machine integration, which make Agile the best tool for continuous business process improvement.


Agile is also capable of handling even those processes that up to now which often require long-term and expensive development interventions and maintenance.
Agile allows you to switch from a purely graphic to a low-level working mode, where you can also manage the codes which are created in other development environments. Hence it is possible to satisfy specifications and experiences of all reality.

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that Agile is a truly ideal solution for you?